The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

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Surprise, surprise, my book this week was yet another Book of the Month pick! To be fair, I saved them to read for this specific project, but I’m almost caught up. (And seriously, it’s awesome.) The Most Dangerous Place On Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson is a YA novel, so if you aren’t into teenage characters and high school settings, this book is definitely not for you.

I actually enjoyed this read more than I thought I would. I have mixed feelings about YA fiction, so I wasn’t sure going into it. However, I really liked the way it was written and the issues that were highlighted and discussed. There are quite a few time jumps in this book, so we see several characters during different times in their lives, which is interesting.

The story starts in the 8th grade and follows Cally Broderick through her social interactions with her best friend, boyfriend and the boy who has a crush on her. A tragic event causes Cally to feel guilty and change her identity going into high school, where we pick up next. Each chapter highlights a different student and unpacks their insecurities, thoughts and interactions with their peers and even teachers. I thought the pressures and challenges of being a teenager were accurately depicted in this story and why I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

Let me know what you’re reading this week!



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