Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough was my February Book of the Month pick. Once again, it was a thriller. (I told you, they are my jam.) The “judge” who recommended the book said something along the line of, you will think you know how it ends, but I promise you are wrong. I was a little skeptical because usually I have at least a little inkling of what could possibly happen. (EXCEPT IN GONE GIRL. Holy crap, was I surprised once I read the first sentence of part 2.) I was wrong, though. I had no idea. I didn’t see it coming at all. I thought I did, but then I was wrong. For that reason alone, you should read this book. It’s scary but not in a jump-out-at-you type of way. It messed with my mind though, and maybe that is why it’s scary?

The book is narrated by Louise, a part time secretary, and single mom; and Adele, a stay at home wife. Louise meets Adele’s husband, David, in a bar where they share a kiss, but nothing more happens until David turns out to be Louise’s new boss. Adele strikes up a secret friendship with Louise to manipulate her to do…something, it’s not quite clear until the very end. Adele and Louise both suffer from night terrors and insomnia, which bonds them and is a very integral part of the story. The entire time I read Adele’s chapters I had no idea what was happening, but that is what makes it so good. I rated it 4 stars on Goodreads.

What’s your favorite scary book to read?




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