The Child

Guys. It’s been FOUR months since the last time I wrote about a book I read. I’m so sorry! There has been a lot going on for us the last few months, and it looks like 52 books this year is not going to happen. However, I still have been reading and plan to catch up on blogging, never fear!

The Child by Fiona Barton was a Book of the Month pick because I read Barton’s previous novel, The Widow. When I saw the selections for July, I thought Fiona Barton’s name looked familiar and had to look it up when I realized I read The Widow last year. (This is exactly why I need to write about the books I read because I could NOT remember what happened in that book at all. I had to read a synopsis before I vaguely remembered reading it.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn’t wait to see how all the pieces fit together – and when I did, I had an audible “A-Ha!” moment. (I love when that happens.) You don’t have to read The Widow to follow along with The Child but they both feature the same protagonist, Kate Waters, an investigative journalist for a prominent UK newspaper. I would recommend reading them both.

In a dying age for journalists, especially the “pen and paper” kind, Kate Waters needs to find a story to remind her Editor that she’s still there. After a demolition crew on a building site discovers the remains of a baby, Kate decides to see what she can dig up. After hearing contradicting stories and stumbling into a much bigger web than she bargained for, the question on everyone’s mind (including my own) is, who is the Building Site Baby?

I rated this book 4 stars on Goodreads.



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